If you’re looking for a local bondsman in the Livingston Parish area, consider A Affordabail Bail Bonds. We provide local bail bond services in Livingston Parish, and even offer 24-hour bail bond services in Livingston Parish for urgent cases. We can provide a variety of different types of bail bonds, including family bail bonds. As bondsmen in Ascension, we are proud to help individuals and families in the Livingston Parish community.

A bail bond service like ours can truly make all the difference for people who have been incarcerated and don’t have the resources or funds to post their own bail. We believe everybody should have the opportunity to do so, regardless of their personal or financial background. Our passion is evident in our commitment to our clients, and through our services we do our utmost to ensure they have the fairest possible experience of the US legal system.


Q: What is the role of a bail bondsman?

A: A bail bondsman provides a financial guarantee for people who need bail money.

Q: What’s the advantage of using a professional bail bond company?

A: A professional company will provide you with a legitimate service, and has the expertise to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and situations.

Q: How soon can you get someone released from jail?

A: This depends on what they have been accused of and the severity of the accusation. Generally, most people can be released as soon as they are able to pay a bond.

Q: What is collateral?

A: Collateral is something that you offer in place of or in addition to bail money. People often use valuable possessions as collateral.

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